Meet Nina

As a busy mum of three (and wife of one), I understand the challenges involved with juggling the tasks needed to run a business and a family.

I started my own online business 8 years ago (after having our second child), as I needed my career to fit around my family (and not the other way round!). I started focussing on social media management, which progressed to sales and marketing in the online education sector. I have been continually expanding my knowledge of digital marketing, automations and funnels since then.

More recently, I also joined forces with another fabulous Online Business Manager, Sarah Forde and we have co-founded Systems to Grow – helping new business owners and entrepreneurs get organised, work efficiently and maximise productivity. Our starter course, “Systemise Your Content Marketing” has just launched and you can purchase it here.

My career, up until I had children, was in fashion retail management – which is something I fell into doing after working part-time alongside studying for my Psychology degree. I have over 20 years of experience working in customer-facing roles and I have a passion for promoting a strong brand image and engaging with customers.

Digital technology and the online business world has literally been my saviour. 

Without the ability to live the “laptop lifestyle” it’s most likely that I wouldn’t even be working, let alone running 2 businesses! I am truly grateful and really proud, that the best part of my career and my biggest business achievements have happened in my early forties whilst bringing up a family.

Let’s work together and drive your business forward!

” Nina is bloody brilliant!

I love working with her. She’s no stress, gets it done, is super reliable and gets on with the job so you can run your business.

She is a delight to work with.”

– Lucy Griffiths

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